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About us

The Boutique Hotel Awards is the first and only international awards organisation exclusively dedicated to showcasing the finest luxury boutique hotels to travel lovers all over the globe. Dreaming of travelling to the hidden gems of this earth soon became a reality when in 2011, Boutique Hotel Awards was born. A decade on, Boutique Hotel Awards boasts an extraordinary collection, with only the most exclusive and unique hotels for your wandering hearts to enjoy.

Our Work

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Book Boutique Hotels all around the World

Book from over 1000 boutique hotels around the globe

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Annual Awards Ceremony

Our Awards Panelists vote to decide the World's Best winners each year

Our Team

The members of our dedicated team come from a wide variety of backgrounds, each bringing the experience, skills and enthusiasm necessary to select, promote and showcase our participating hotels on an international stage.

Personal image of Bianca  Revens

Bianca Revens

Managing Director

Personal image of Carmen Romero

Carmen Romero

Judge, Sales

Personal image of Lily   Silverton

Lily Silverton

Judge, Panelist, Author

Personal image of Cally  Squires

Cally Squires

Panelist & Awards host

Personal image of Christabel  Milbanke

Christabel Milbanke

Panelist, Writer and Judge

Personal image of Nathan  Brooker

Nathan Brooker

Panelist, Writer

Personal image of Nathan  Fradin

Nathan Fradin

Judge, Panelist

Personal image of Jamie-Jo  Whelan

Jamie-Jo Whelan

Business Development

Nomination Committee

Our Nomination Committee members carefully select the best possible candidates to compete in our prestigious Award competition.

Personal image of Catherine Heald

Catherine Heald

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Alicia Siegfried

Alicia Siegfried

Nomination Committee

Personal image of Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph

Nomination Committee

Personal image of Sarah  Barrell

Sarah Barrell

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Stuart  Rigg

Stuart Rigg

Nominations Committee, Southern Crossings Australia co-founder and director

Personal image of Stuart  Blakley

Stuart Blakley

Nominations Committee, Associate Editor of Ulster Architect

Personal image of Paul  Humphreys

Paul Humphreys

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Mary-Anne


Nominations Committee

Personal image of Flo Wales Bonner

Flo Wales Bonner

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Lisa  Brown

Lisa Brown

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Nick  Gilmartin

Nick Gilmartin

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Lisa  Corcoran

Lisa Corcoran

Nominations Committee

Personal image of Edward  Griffiths

Edward Griffiths

Nominations Committee, CVO

Personal image of Francisca Kellett

Francisca Kellett

Travel Editor at Tatler

Personal image of Lucy McGuire

Lucy McGuire

Nomination Committee

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Want to join the Boutique Hotel Awards team? Email us and let us know what makes you a great team member.