In a nutshell
A remote getaway to escape, within the natural beauty of Fiji.

The experience
Starting the trip with a real sense of adventure, Fiji is understandably a long winded destination to reach. However, one would argue it makes the escape from hectic working life that much more satisfying. There’s something about a flight between Fijian islands in a tiny prop plane, followed by arriving in a small boat that makes you feel like you’re leaving the regular world well and truly behind you.The Remote Resort, with the clue in the name, is situated on a former coconut plantation on the island of Venua Levu. Venua Levu is renowned for its natural beauty and warmth of the local people and that is something that is apparent immediately upon arrival. As this resort is deemed as a top ‘romantic getaway’, you and your significant other can expect an incredibly peaceful start once checking in. With four villas built so far and more to come, they offer wonderful views of the resort with floor to ceiling windows, complete with a spacious daybed and saltwater plunge pool. Understated luxury is the key at The Remote Resort, with simple design letting the surrounding natural beauty take precedence.

In terms of activities, remote getaways can often fall into the trap of slightly boring with a lot of lounging around. However, this is firmly not the case in Fiji. Day trips can be taken to a waterfall on an even more remote part of the island, staff will accompany and provide an excellent hamper of food and drink, tending to your every need yet letting you have quality alone time. For a more action based day, scuba diving can be arranged and is only a 20 minute boat ride away. The area is famous for its soft coral forests, so it’s definitely worth taking an underwater camera along.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are what stand out with the dining at The Remote Resort. It is a pleasurable rarity to eat fish caught right by the resort that day and coconuts fallen from trees around your villa. Dishes are mostly chosen for you, so the more selective guest might want to alert any allergies or dislikes to waiting staff prior to dining. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the cost of the resort but no food is offered outside of these times. The view from the dining area is superb and sunsets can be watched over fruit filled cocktails.

It should be noted that The Remote Resort is very much in its beginning stages so allowances should be made for this teething period. A step up needs to be taken if it wants to fully cater to the romantic luxury getaway it seems to promote. However, the warm and friendly attitude of staff and the potential this resort has makes it an exciting one to watch for the future.

From the beginning
The Remote Resort was founded by Australian Hotelier Dan Dimmock, opening in 2013. Having been made redundant during the recession he realised it was his chance to go on his own and create a hotel with the ultimate personalised guest experience. His wife inspired him to choose Fiji as a location and from conception to opening The Remote Resort consumed three and a half years of his life. It was a one man show at the beginning and he even slept in a tent for a year on sight!

Something else you didn’t know
The best time to visit Fiji is from May to the end of November when the climate is at its best, a tropical average temperature of 31 degrees celsius.